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  • How to make jewelry out of anything front cover

    How To Make Jewelry eBook


    Learn how to craft outside the box with How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything!

    If your tweens and tweens love to make jewelry, but all the ideas out there seem to be… boring. Old. And just a tad too pricey.

    How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything is the ultimate jewelry making guide for teens and tweens – and teens-at heart! It focuses on using unique materials to make your own jewelry!

    No more cumbersome beads in boring colors.

    No more tedious techniques to repeat a zillion and a half times.

    In How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything, you’ll learn how to think outside the jewelry making box. You’ll also learn the basics of jewelry making, how to take these projects a step further and how to enjoy the process by being flexible with the results.



    How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything features 42 unique jewelry making projects, including six that teach the basics of jewelry making. You’ll learn how to use buttons, yarn, rocks, and even the contents of your recycling bin to make quirky pieces that showcase YOUR personality.

    The projects in How to Make Jewelry Out of Anything are geared toward tweens and teens ages 10 and up. But if you’re a teen at heart, love to craft something different, and aren’t afraid to wear some COLOR, you’ll love it too! (I’m 29teen years old and I designed these projects for myself!)

  • Name Friendship Bracelet Patterns- Alpha Bracelet Graphs


    Want to make your own name friendship bracelets but not sure how? These alpha bracelet graphs includes:

    • Blank templates to make 8-14 string letter bracelets – cut out and use the numbered lines
    • Blank elongated graph
    • Pre-graphed letters you can trace to graph 8-14 string (7-13 row) name friendship bracelets
      A PDF with instructions on how to use the template and how to make your bracelets

    This is an automatic digital download – you get 2x multi-page PDF files

  • Desert Diorama – Printable Kids Activity


    Craft a super cool Desert Diorama that any age can enjoy! Transport your imaginary play to a mesmerizing desert full of camels, lizards, and cacti. Teach about desert wildlife, plant life, and more.

    Use my template to make it as interactive as you’d like. You can add or remove details, get creative with colors, and personalize it if you want.

  • School Bus Box Template – SVG PDF and PNG


    Craft a super cool School Bus out of paper! Use it as a toy for imaginary play, or create the perfect gift box.

    Use my template to make it as interactive as you’d like. I’ve added a foldable stop sign, and moveable wheels. Fill it with treats for kids on the first day, throw in a gift card or cash to thank a bus driver, or just play with it as a paper toy!

  • Jewelry Designer Printables


    Plan your jewelry designs in advance with 8 printable templates to design your own jewelry! These line art models are a great way to get jewelry inspiration through doodles. Print each page as many times as you’d like for your own use and gather your plans into a binder.


    You get 1 PDF file with eight pages. See the first image in this product listing for the exact thumbnails and product previews.