I work hard on the content of this website and therefore have set some boundaries regarding how you may use content on this website.

All printables purchased or otherwise downloaded from this website, as well as images from this website, branding, etc are subject to these terms. In places where there is conflicting terms, the more lenient rule will be followed.


I generally operate under fair use principles for printable crafts, planners, and more.

  • You may not sell original files (digital) or printouts of printables.
  • You may not redistribute it in any way.
  • You can share printables only by linking to the sales page or information page on shop.momsandcrafters.com or momsandcrafters.com. You can include a preview image but make sure the link is displayed clearly, or link the image.
  • You may not copy it.
  • You can print out a few copies to share with friends.
  • Craft printables may be used in a single classroom or small group setting (such as a synagogue or library) as a craft activity.
  • For other commercial or group requests, please contact me.

SVG and cut files

Cut files require more labor and personal input to create an end product for sale, therefore the terms differ.

You may:

  • Use the included files for personal use – however you’d like, as long as it’s just for you
  • Use SVGs to create a DIY gift – a physical end product – for as many friends as you’d like, for your students, for your party visitors, with no monetary compensation.
  • Use SVGs to create up to 200 end products for sale. This must be a complete craft – not a decal, sticker, or other component intended to be adhered to another product. For example: custom backpacks, pencil cases, t-shirts. As a general rule: if it’s attached to a blank, it’s permitted use. . I do recommend adding your own spin to make your product unique!

You may not:

  • Create more than 200 end products for sale (purchase an additional license if needed)
  • Sell the file itself as a standalone item, even physically, precut (for example decals, stickers)
  • Sell a modified or unmodified version of these files
  • Use this in print-on-demand products
  • Redistribute the file – in any way shape or form – for free or for sale

If you have ANY QUESTIONS feel free to contact me just to be sure

Product Images

Images from Moms & Crafters Shop may not be used for any intents or purposes other than to promote the product for which it was created. This means including a direct link to the product, or on Instagram, tagging @momsandcrafters in your post with a call to action to purchase.

More terms:

  • You may not include pertinent information that would only be known after having purchased the product. For example, you may not share an internal page of a craft book without written permission, or a screenshot or or otherwise usable image of the printable itself.
  • Only a single image can be used from the product listing images.
  •  Subtle alterations (cropping, color enhancement, inclusion in a collage) may be done.
  • Provides a clear, visible link that is easy to click through to for pruchasing purposes. An image with the word “source” captioned in tiny letters doesn’t count.
  •  I’d prefer that wherever possible you avoid using an image with my child in it. If it is a hero image, go ahead. If it is my child modeling a craft, I prefer you choose a different photo.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS feel free to contact me just to be sure